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Founded by Ray Drew, The Content Store's mission is to help business thought leaders navigate the dynamic digital landscape. From podcasts to captivating videos, we specialize in end-to-end content creation services, ensuring your brand narrative not only resonates but endures.

The world around us is changing faster than ever. Social media and podcasting aren’t just new ways to get your message out there – it’s THE way.

Your future clients are going to places like YouTube, and the podcast apps for information to solve their problems and accomplish their goals. You have their solutions. The question is – will you be there when they come looking? And more importantly, how can you build trust with them?

We help business thought leaders build their brand by providing end-to-end content creation services for the modern era.

We think the answer is producing high quality, value-add content for your specific niche.

our mission
You're an expert, great!

Our Mission and Values

At The Content Store, our mission is to empower business thought leaders to fast-track their content strategy and build enduring personal brands. We believe in:


Crafting content that reflects your genuine voice.


Embracing new ideas and approaches to stay ahead.


Delivering premium quality to elevate your brand.

our team

Meet the Content Creators

Passionate creators on a relentless pursuit to make better video content

Ray Drew


Ray Drew is a small business lender by trade. He started his first podcast in 2019, where he taught himself to, well, podcast. He recorded and edited his own audio recordings and when he decided to add a video component to the podcast, he edited those too…for about 4 episodes.
He quickly realized editing video is way harder and much more time consuming, and spending hours editing videos was not the best use of his time. He searched for an actual expert and found Madisen Stubbs, (who is now our Production Manager!) With the help of Madisen, Ray went on to produce his own 2nd podcast, YouTube Channel, Vlogs, Shorts - you name it.
He became known for his high quality content and opened The Content Store in 2023 to help other business thought leaders do the same.

Madisen Stubbs

Production Manager

Madisen Stubbs serves as Production Manager at The Content Store. Prior to her current role, she worked with a team of video producers at a higher education institution in Dallas, Texas and spent over two years producing video content for a home health company.
Madisen graduated from Texas Tech University where she formed her foundation in writing, directing, acting, and producing.
Film and jazz bring Madisen joy, peace, and inspiration. She enjoys supporting local musicians at various jazz venues throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.
Grateful to work with a dedicated and innovative team, Madisen looks forward to bringing cinematic elements to the world of content creation.

Andrew Askaripour

Multimedia Content Creator

Andrew Askaripour is a multimedia content creator from New York who carries a strong passion for photography & cinematography, audio engineering, video editing, podcasting, social media management, and more. From working with large media agencies such as The New York and LA Times, to assisting in the creation of visual projects for A-Class celebrities like Beyonce and J. Cole, to supporting various entrepreneurs, entertainers, and small businesses alike, Andrew seeks to help all of his clients create captivating and valuable content for their audiences.

William Hamilton

Content Creator and Video Editor

William Hamilton is a content creator and video editor who creates high-quality videos that result in the most impact for our clients. He is tasked with analyzing video content across all social media platforms and providing feedback and suggestions based on video engagement, video quality, and search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. Creating YouTube (YT) videos is a passion of his and in less than 8 months, his personal YT channel has accumulated over 140,000 channel views and grown to over 1,000 subscribers. His goal is to always deliver the highest quality videos that will result in the most positive and engaging experience for the viewer. William resides in Orlando, Fl where he attended the University of Central Florida.